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The Reboot Journal Story

What do you do when you can't find a self-improvement Journal that uses an intuitive and practical system to build and track habits, and that’s based on proven research-backed concepts from science and psychology? 

Well, you stop complaining and create that type of journal!

That’s an oversimplified story of how The Reboot Journal came to be, but it’s faster than detailing the years of research and trial and error that went into creating the final version you see today. 


Self-improvement shouldn’t be stressful. Our goal was to create a practical self-improvement tool that came with a “blueprint” anyone can follow to actually transform their lives. — Steve Fitz (Founder)

If we were going to create something unique, we knew we had to address the 3 common reasons people fail to make the improvements they’d like in their lives.

1. Information overload: With thousands of books, podcasts, videos, and “Gurus” out there telling you how to become your “best self,” it can be hard to know who to listen to and where to start. It can make self-improvement stressful!

Thankfully, we’ve done the research (so you don’t have to) and distilled the most important ideas and concepts from self-improvement theory, science, and psychology research into 15 small and impactful habits that can be personalized and that anyone can apply in their lives.

2. Poor strategy, poor system: Most self-improvement advice tells you what to do, but doesn’t give you a system to help you start and stay on track. Lots of other habit journals just provide blank templates and leave you on your own. 

After hundreds of iterations, we’ve created a fully guided habit-building system to get you started, as well as a “rinse and repeat” daily framework that keeps you on track and accountable, helping you win each day.

3. Balance: self-improvement should be about improving all the different areas of your life — without balance, it’s hard to sustain progress and make any real positive change.

We designed the Reboot system to help you focus on all the important areas of your life, with actionable habits and practices to help improve your physical health, your mental & emotional state, and also to accelerate your personal growth — helping you achieve balance.


Why create a Physical Journal?

Technology is great — but most people find that they spend too much time interacting with screens these days. Besides, it’s well understood that there’s a certain power to using paper and pen, which makes the planning, tracking, and reflection activities more concrete. 

We’ve created a beautiful A5 size hard-cover design that can be easily carried by your side on your self-improvement journey.

Why the name ‘Reboot’?

Like a computer, the human mind has its own “operating system” in the form of its many learned habits, behaviors, beliefs, and thought patterns.

Just as a software engineer designs and programs a system, we too can be the engineers of our lives and “program in” the positive habits and behaviors we want to have. We can ‘Reboot’ our operating system. 

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